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10 Modules each year

12hrs of instruction each month

Second Friday & Saturday of the month*

1 Postclass assignment 

1 Preclass assignment

Academic Advisors

Gown & Cap Graduation



TH 233 Christian Beliefs I
TH 243 Christian Beliefs II
TH 253 Christian Beliefs III
TH 263 Empowered Ministry


Intercultural Studies

IS 223 World Evangelism
IS 233 Ministry Across Cultures

Empowering Ministry

EM 223 Small Groups and Church Health
EM 273 Kingdom of God
EM 233 Evangelism and Outreach
EM 243 Communication Principles
EM 253 Foundational Prayer Principles
EM 483 Church Planting



LEAD (TH) 213 Spiritual Gifts and Leadership
LEAD 233 Spiritual Formation of a Leader
LEAD 243 Church Health Principles
LEAD 253 Leadership Administration
LEAD 263 Team Ministry Leadership
LEAD 003 Pastoral Care
LEAD 004 Ministry Action Plan


Biblical Studies

BI 103 Bible Study Resources & Methods
BI 005 Homiletics
BI 243 The Teachings of Jesus
BI 113  Old Testament Survey
BI 114  New Testament Survey

*Subject to Programme Schedule


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Discount available for IPHC Licensed and Ordained.


A two year programme for pastors, church leaders, and raising leaders


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A two year programme that requiring a minimum of 20 modules and the successful submission of all coursework. The most diligent students can receive the distinction of Honour Graduate.


From theology to church planting, and hermeneutics to pastoral care. Modules and course work are designed for mature, well-informed followers of Christ who are ready to train for ministry.

Entry Requirements


  • Completion of at least a 2-year Bible School or College programme or equivalent.

  • Active in pastoral or evangelistic ministry

  • Hold a Ministry Foundations Certificate 

*Usually different for December



BI 103 Bible Study Resources & Methods (MF)

The proven rules of Biblical interpretation and application to life are examined. Bible study aids, including Bible computer programs, are introduced to encourage the student to enter a life time of studying the Word of God.

BI 113  Old Testament Survey (MF)

An overview of the authorship and contents of the Old Testament books. Special attention will be given to important persons, places and events, as well as to key chapters in the Old Testament revelation. 

BI 114  New Testament Survey (MF)

A survey of the literature, events, and message of the New Testament, including the organization and basic geography. Students will also be exposed to the key events in the life of Christ, historical context of Bible-times, how the promise of the Old Testament Messianic hope is fulfilled in the New Testament, and the progression of the Gospel through the life and ministry of Paul. May also cover aspects of the doctrine of the Church and Salvation.

BI 105 Homiletics

The art of preaching: how to communicate an interpretation  or exegesis of scripture concisely and effectively. this module covers the best practise for study and outlining.

BI 243 The Teachings of Jesus

The key teachings of Jesus are interpreted so that a clear concept of grace, kingdom realities and other teachings are understood by the student. Life application is an important part of this module.

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